Pay it forward stuff

Here you can find some stuff with Pay it forward logo

You have to order before the 23rd of june so we can have the items ready on monday 28th.
Send your order to

Here are the prices.

T shirt : 1130kr með vsk 1500kr – 12 dollarar

Sweeter =  25 dollars

Hoodie =   30 dollars

Hoodie with sipper = 38 dollars

Backpack =  25 dollars

Swimbag = 12 dollars

Coffie mug = 12 dollars

Cap =  15 dollars



  1. […] Pay it forward stuff […]

  2. i want a t-shirt zize s and a swimingbag tanks

  3. I’d like to buy a hooded sweatshirt adult small. Thanks. I am excited! You all seem fun. See you in a few days. Corday

  4. I’d like a coffie mug. thanks a lot. see you all in afew days =D

  5. I would like a CISV jumper and a CISV sweeter
    cant wait tell I get there

  6. i’d like to buy the coffee mug! thank you..

  7. HELLLLLO!!!!!
    I would love a MEDIUM hoodie please!!!

    Thanks, see you soon!!!

    -Marcel – Canadian Leader

    • With or without Zipper ?

      • Without Zipper Please! thanks

  8. I would like to buy a T-Shirt and a hooded sweater.

    Size for Children 164 or S for adults.

    I am very excited to meet you all!

    best regards from Germany


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