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Here you have some pictures, We will try to add some more soon!
I’ll let you know as soon as possible when we have uploaded more 🙂

Hugs from Helen and the rest of the Staff!

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Camp Diary: 5 July 2010

Camp Diary: 5 July
Delegation of the day: Staff

Today we woke up the whole camp really early at 7.30 in the morning with icelandic music from a band called Sálin and Gospel! We had flag time and breakfast like all days, and after that all the kids were headed to the showers to get them self cleaned up! Then we went with a bus in to Reykjavík, where we went to the studio of the icelandic TV show LAZY TOWN ! In the studio we saw a lot of fun props that they use in the show, and we also saw the biggest green screen in Europe. Then we went to the Swedish wonder called IKEA, the people of IKEA were so kind to offer us a free meal for lunch, the food was amazing and we are really grateful for that. Then we went to a shopping mall called KRINGLAN, everyone bought something nice, mostly gifts for the families. We had a lot of fun shopping and we got home to Borgarnes at 18.00 right in time for Delegation time!

We all had an amazing day!
Over and out  🙂

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Camp Diary: 4 July 2010

Camp Diary: 4 July
Delegation of the day: Germany

Today was the national night from U.S.A. And Canada. That was really funny. The U.S.A.made a dance and the canada made a long movie of Canada and the time before the camp. That was good. The Activity was really funny. We made groups and all groups make a fantasy City and a big poster what the language is and where and how we live. After this Activity make all groups a presentation of the City. It was funny. 🙂

From the Germa delegation
Leonie, Leo, Lulu and Marco

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Camp Diary: 3 July 2010

Camp Diary: 3 July
Delegation of the day: Finland

The finnish delegation woke up the camp with finnish music. Activity #1 we played Human bingo. And got to know eachother better 🙂 Then we went outside to play some games, one was a version of stone, paper, scissor. During Activity #2 and 3. The Australian delegation had planned some program for us. We played Australian football and we also made head bands Aboriginal style. For Activity #4 the Australians had prepared a presentation of their delegation and home country. We learned a lot of new things!

P.S. Today the sun actually was shining ! !

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Camp Diary: 2 July 2010

Camp Diary: 2st July
Delegation of the day: Danish delegation

The day started with a beautiful sunny weather and an energetic wake up from the danish delegation the “Delegation of the day”. After breakfast it was time for activity #1 outside on the football field. A game of samurai intergalactia was all it took to wake everybody up and spread happy smiles on everyones faces. We did a lot of activities today, which we centered around our camps theme: “pay it forward” . All of the kids had to write what they knew of cache of the delegations countries and after words we had a debriefing, talking about stereotypes and different perceptions of people and culture. Then it was time for our lovly dinner and delegation time. Each delegation practiced their national night or talked about how their day had been. Last activity of the day was diffrent kids of energizers and ofcourse lullabies. For lullabies we tried to do a new goodnight song and a hugtrain at the end. When your country was named you would get up and then hug everybody in camp

Lots of hugs and smiles from camp and the danish delegation!

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Camp Diary: 1 July 2010

Camp Diary: 1st July
Delegation of the day: Canadian delegation

HELLÓ! We are the Canadian delegation and the delegation of the day!!! We started the day off by gently waking the camp by light shaking of every person and playing DIDO + COLDPLAY  in the background. Today is not only CANADA’S birthday it is EVA’S as well! Our wonderful  staff member turned 24 years old today!
Remember: “Getting old is mandatory , growing up is optional”
Today we played and created: Mickey Mouse, Romeo + Juliet, pay it forward posters, “getting to know yall” circle game, and we sang “singing in the rain”!
And finally we were presented with NORWAY’S wonderful NATIONAL NIGHT ! They took us skiing and we ended up at the ski lodge where we saw “the 3 billy goats gruff”  acted out! It was hilarious!  They fed us “vestland lefse”  it was delicious!
That’s it form the crazy Canucks: Marcel, Sol, Iain, Kirsten, and Claire !

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Camp Diary: 30 June 2010

Camp Diary: 30th June
Delegation of the day: Brazilian delegation

8.00. Wake up everybody – Brazilian cool funk music 🙂
8.30. Breakfast – questions about brazil…
9.20. shower time ! preparing for excurcion 🙂
10.30. Excursion ! (lot of fun)  we went to an icelandic farm and we: – played  – saw animals  – did a cool activity, like a race: box, pass, jump, climb and find fold.
1.30. lunch! Hot dog and juice 🙂
2.45. Walk at the beach we saw wale bones, black sand and cold sea.
4.00. Return to the camp, prepare for swimming pool
4.15. Snack time ! fruits, yummy… 🙂
4.50. Go to swimming pool (lot of fun)
6.00. Delegation time (preparing Eva’s birthday gift)
7.00. Diner! More questions!
8.00. Activities
9.50. Lullabies we sang: CISV song, Bomfiara, I want to linger, leaving on a jetplane, i still haven’t found what im looking for
22.20. Time to sleep! …. zZzZzZzZz!!

Delegation of the day: Brasil – Laura, Rebeca, André, Bruno and Drica

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Camp Diary: 29 June 2010

Camp Diary: 29th June
Delegation of the day: Australian delegation

We woke the village with an “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi,oi, oi!” It was Juanse’s 18th Birthday, so everyone say “Happy Birthday” in their own languages. After breakfast we all played so fun  activities. Our favorite game was called “The monster and Princess”. It was a bit like Tiggy. In our Siesta time not many people slept. Most people set up their trading goods and made a sort of “Mini Market”. Clothing and wrist bands were the hot items for trading with many children trying to get as many items from other delegations as possible. Being JUANSE’S Birthday we had scrumpches Apple  and Cinnaman cake for snack. At dinner we did an Australian quiz where catch table had to get  a question right then they got to get their food. During the night there is always night activities. During today’s night activities there was a lot of music and dancing. Some of the games which we Australian’s enjoyed were musical chairs, fruit salad and the limbo. As Delegation nation Australia choses the lullabies. Some of the lullabies chosen were “All my loving” and “Blowing in the wind”. IT was a very tiring day in which all australians fell asleep quickly, even though we are all still getting use to the 24 hours of daylight a day.

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Camp Diary: 28 June 2010

Camp Diary: 28th June
Delegation oft he day: JC-s

Today was the first full day of camp. It was also Bruno’s birthday (Brazil) so we woke everybody up with Brazilian music. After having some running games outside, we had lunch and sang birthday sings to Bruno in all the languages. Later the JC shop opened it’s doors for the first time (!!!)  in PAY IT FORWARD village history for the happy shoppers. The second half of the day was very “arty and crafty”. We all did place mats for ourselves and also a poster/sketch about our delegations and presented it to others. Since it was Bruno’s birthday, we also postponed the dinner because the Brazilian – Chile football match was shown on TV. Also, we ate an amazing chocolate – coconut cake (Mmmm..! Yummy !! ) for snack. The evening was filled with the classical CISV things: Flag time and lullabies. It was great to see all the kids having fun and smiling and we can hope that soon they’ll start following rule #6: Candy for JC’S !!!!!

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Pay it forward village has now officially started!

Leaders, Jc’s and staff woke up early this morning, to finish the leaders training and start decorating and organizing the camp site with great creative posters.

at six a clock the kids started to arrive one delegation by another. Around seven a clock all the delegations had arrived and  we played a couple of games while the delegations were called in one by one for lice check.. and now we are perfectly sure that no one is going to suffer from these small uncomfortable creatures!

We had a wonderful dish of fish for dinner and everyone seemed to like it.  After dinner the delegation gathered with their leader and had delegation time. They talked about how the weekend was and how the kids are feeling.

We had the best first lullabies ever and now all the kids are asleep and we are all preparing for goodnight time so we can wake up fresh and happy tomorrow morning.

Good night !

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