Posted by: payitforwardvillage | July 20, 2010

Camp Diary: 12 July 2010

Camp Diary: 12 July
Delegation of the day: Jc’s

Today it was a weird day: a backwards day!! We woke everybody up saying “Good night” and after that we went to lullabies. After that, we ate dinner and went to shower. The fourth activity was everyone’s wish: CAPTURE THE FLAG. It was very fun. Then we had delegation time, lunch and free time. Activity 3 was another fun game called hospital and we ended the first Monito and started another one. During activity 2, we played blinking game and the card game. After those activities, we finally had Siesta, followed by Jc shop and free time. At night (not dark) we had the presentations of the Jc’s and of the countries of Estonia, Colombia and Lithuania.  Then we had breakfast and the expected cleaning time. After the flag time, everybody went to bed and was said “Good morning”


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