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Camp Diary: 8 July 2010

Camp Diary: 8 July
Delegation of the day: Norway

National night of the day was Gerindo (Germany and Indonesia)

This was a special and interesting day because the leaders, JCs and Staff decided to pick on a fellow leader until lunch in plain sight (to make the kid aware of the ongoing bulling between them) We started the day by waking the camp by singing farytale. We started picking on the chosen leader, Minna during flag time. The Kids immediately reacted by asking what was going on. During breakfast the bullying continued. A couple of kids were really upset. The first activity was going to the pool. The second and third activity was a camp meeting in which we talked about respect and bullying and the leaders revealed that heir behavior was just an act. We all signed a contract about that we must all respect each other. The kids really learned a lot and became more obvious of bullying. The National night was entertaining and a nice contrast for the serious issues we talked about earlier. Regarding respect and bullying today was a paradigm shift



  1. welldone Guys, when it works this kind of activity can initiate real change.

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