Posted by: payitforwardvillage | July 7, 2010


Here you have some pictures, We will try to add some more soon!
I’ll let you know as soon as possible when we have uploaded more 🙂

Hugs from Helen and the rest of the Staff!



  1. Helen you rock! Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like everyone is having a blast! We really appreciate all that you and the rest of the staff are doing for our kids!

  2. Well the pictures are actually from Addi… so thank him! but we are all trying to do our best !

    • Thanks for taking such great photos Addi!!! Glad photography is one of your passions.

  3. Nice pictures! They really gave us the “being there” feeling.

    We are both looking forward to seeing some more 🙂

    Hilsen Anne & Darren

  4. Wow the photos whoever has taken show that your all having a great time all the way over there in sunny Iceland… 😉


  5. Thank you Addi for the photos.
    We know that all delegations member having a lot of activities and great time in Iceland.
    May God Bless You.

  6. Thank You, Thank You SO SO SO MUCH for this wonderful pictures! It is so great to see, that all kids have so nice smile and they have also great time! You staff, doing very good job! As my daughter (JC Triin) say” You all have a time of your life! ” 🙂
    Thank You ! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the additional photos Addi!! Corday and I were awake until 4:00 AM Friday morning looking through them! It made leaving Iceland and all of his new friends, a little easier. Thanks for sharing your beautiful country. He describes his experience as “amazing.” THANK YOU!

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