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Camp Diary: 5 July 2010

Camp Diary: 5 July
Delegation of the day: Staff

Today we woke up the whole camp really early at 7.30 in the morning with icelandic music from a band called Sálin and Gospel! We had flag time and breakfast like all days, and after that all the kids were headed to the showers to get them self cleaned up! Then we went with a bus in to Reykjavík, where we went to the studio of the icelandic TV show LAZY TOWN ! In the studio we saw a lot of fun props that they use in the show, and we also saw the biggest green screen in Europe. Then we went to the Swedish wonder called IKEA, the people of IKEA were so kind to offer us a free meal for lunch, the food was amazing and we are really grateful for that. Then we went to a shopping mall called KRINGLAN, everyone bought something nice, mostly gifts for the families. We had a lot of fun shopping and we got home to Borgarnes at 18.00 right in time for Delegation time!

We all had an amazing day!
Over and out  🙂



  1. What a treat to visit the studio. Sounds like a fun day. Thanks for sharing. Hope everyone has a restful sleep.

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