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Camp Diary: 2 July 2010

Camp Diary: 2st July
Delegation of the day: Danish delegation

The day started with a beautiful sunny weather and an energetic wake up from the danish delegation the “Delegation of the day”. After breakfast it was time for activity #1 outside on the football field. A game of samurai intergalactia was all it took to wake everybody up and spread happy smiles on everyones faces. We did a lot of activities today, which we centered around our camps theme: “pay it forward” . All of the kids had to write what they knew of cache of the delegations countries and after words we had a debriefing, talking about stereotypes and different perceptions of people and culture. Then it was time for our lovly dinner and delegation time. Each delegation practiced their national night or talked about how their day had been. Last activity of the day was diffrent kids of energizers and ofcourse lullabies. For lullabies we tried to do a new goodnight song and a hugtrain at the end. When your country was named you would get up and then hug everybody in camp

Lots of hugs and smiles from camp and the danish delegation!



  1. Love it: start the day with a friendly battle and end with hugs.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day :o)

  3. it´s so much fun to read about all the fun stuff you all are doing in the village. can´t wait for more ….

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