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Camp Diary: 1 July 2010

Camp Diary: 1st July
Delegation of the day: Canadian delegation

HELLÓ! We are the Canadian delegation and the delegation of the day!!! We started the day off by gently waking the camp by light shaking of every person and playing DIDO + COLDPLAY  in the background. Today is not only CANADA’S birthday it is EVA’S as well! Our wonderful  staff member turned 24 years old today!
Remember: “Getting old is mandatory , growing up is optional”
Today we played and created: Mickey Mouse, Romeo + Juliet, pay it forward posters, “getting to know yall” circle game, and we sang “singing in the rain”!
And finally we were presented with NORWAY’S wonderful NATIONAL NIGHT ! They took us skiing and we ended up at the ski lodge where we saw “the 3 billy goats gruff”  acted out! It was hilarious!  They fed us “vestland lefse”  it was delicious!
That’s it form the crazy Canucks: Marcel, Sol, Iain, Kirsten, and Claire !



  1. …then I am choosing not to grow up!

    Sounds like another fun day.

    We should have been singing the song “singing in the rain” here in Dallas since the sky has opened up and let a lot of rain fall on us for the last 2 days. Looking forward to hearing about the 3 billy goats gruff performance.

    Have fun everybody!!

  2. It was so good to hear that Norway’s national night was a success and that you kids enjoyed it! HEIA NORGE! Hanne, Kaia’s mother

  3. Marcel, Sol, Iain, Kirsten, and Claire:
    What a lovely birthday reminder you had for Eva! Someone special must have given you such great wisdom.
    Glad everyone is having fun and making great memories. Have fun and be safe.
    Can’t wait to hear all the great stories!
    Love from Kelowna, B.C

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