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Camp Diary: 30 June 2010

Camp Diary: 30th June
Delegation of the day: Brazilian delegation

8.00. Wake up everybody – Brazilian cool funk music 🙂
8.30. Breakfast – questions about brazil…
9.20. shower time ! preparing for excurcion 🙂
10.30. Excursion ! (lot of fun)  we went to an icelandic farm and we: – played  – saw animals  – did a cool activity, like a race: box, pass, jump, climb and find fold.
1.30. lunch! Hot dog and juice 🙂
2.45. Walk at the beach we saw wale bones, black sand and cold sea.
4.00. Return to the camp, prepare for swimming pool
4.15. Snack time ! fruits, yummy… 🙂
4.50. Go to swimming pool (lot of fun)
6.00. Delegation time (preparing Eva’s birthday gift)
7.00. Diner! More questions!
8.00. Activities
9.50. Lullabies we sang: CISV song, Bomfiara, I want to linger, leaving on a jetplane, i still haven’t found what im looking for
22.20. Time to sleep! …. zZzZzZzZz!!

Delegation of the day: Brasil – Laura, Rebeca, André, Bruno and Drica



  1. Wow, what a fun day! We could use a bit of cold sea here in Dallas, Texas. Thanks for the details. We will be watching the football match on Friday a cheering for your team :)!

    • hehehe… yeah…. thanks for cheering for us!

  2. Uau ! What a wonderful day ! I hope they enjoyed the brazilian music ! Beijos grandes !!
    Julia (Rebeca’s mom)

    • julia,
      i do think they enjoyed and there were a lot of hugs involved in the brazilian wake up day… hehehe
      beijos daqui também

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