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Camp Diary: 29 June 2010

Camp Diary: 29th June
Delegation of the day: Australian delegation

We woke the village with an “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi,oi, oi!” It was Juanse’s 18th Birthday, so everyone say “Happy Birthday” in their own languages. After breakfast we all played so fun  activities. Our favorite game was called “The monster and Princess”. It was a bit like Tiggy. In our Siesta time not many people slept. Most people set up their trading goods and made a sort of “Mini Market”. Clothing and wrist bands were the hot items for trading with many children trying to get as many items from other delegations as possible. Being JUANSE’S Birthday we had scrumpches Apple  and Cinnaman cake for snack. At dinner we did an Australian quiz where catch table had to get  a question right then they got to get their food. During the night there is always night activities. During today’s night activities there was a lot of music and dancing. Some of the games which we Australian’s enjoyed were musical chairs, fruit salad and the limbo. As Delegation nation Australia choses the lullabies. Some of the lullabies chosen were “All my loving” and “Blowing in the wind”. IT was a very tiring day in which all australians fell asleep quickly, even though we are all still getting use to the 24 hours of daylight a day.



  1. well done Aussies!! You rock..although ‘all my loving is a little scarey..LOL

  2. We can’t wait to learn how to play the monster and the princess!

  3. loved hearing about your amazing day, have fun everyone!

  4. Go Young Talent Time!!!lol
    Have fun
    We are all so proud!

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