Posted by: payitforwardvillage | June 29, 2010

Camp Diary: 28 June 2010

Camp Diary: 28th June
Delegation oft he day: JC-s

Today was the first full day of camp. It was also Bruno’s birthday (Brazil) so we woke everybody up with Brazilian music. After having some running games outside, we had lunch and sang birthday sings to Bruno in all the languages. Later the JC shop opened it’s doors for the first time (!!!)  in PAY IT FORWARD village history for the happy shoppers. The second half of the day was very “arty and crafty”. We all did place mats for ourselves and also a poster/sketch about our delegations and presented it to others. Since it was Bruno’s birthday, we also postponed the dinner because the Brazilian – Chile football match was shown on TV. Also, we ate an amazing chocolate – coconut cake (Mmmm..! Yummy !! ) for snack. The evening was filled with the classical CISV things: Flag time and lullabies. It was great to see all the kids having fun and smiling and we can hope that soon they’ll start following rule #6: Candy for JC’S !!!!!



  1. Sounds like everyone is having fun. Thanks for the update. Go Brazil!

    Maddisons Mum and Dad!!!!

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