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Camp Diary: 15 July 2010

Camp Diary: 15 July
Delegation of the day: Australia

Today we were Australian delegation of the day. We woke up everyone with music. After shower time we played a game where we were all handicapped we had to partner up and stay like that till after lunch. We had a big water fight it was a lot of fun! After that duncan had his day off then spain had their national night. Spain s national night was ultimate. They did very well with the language barrier. They also did a very professional looking dance. Their slideshow was very well set out. For lullabies the song we chose were i’m yours, Bomfiara, under the bridge, yellow submarine and Hey Jude that went pretty well. After that we all eventually fell asleep.

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Camp Diary: 14 July 2010

Camp Diary: 14 July
Delegation of the day: Philippines

The Philippines was the delegation of the day. We woke the kids, leaders, Jc’s up with bamboo sticks and we played the coconut, nut song after.

In breakfast we asked questions about our delegation. In lunch we asked questions about the philippines. In dinner we told them to make a song about us and the philippines.

We did an interpretation of the CISV song for our first activity. Then for the second activity the Denmark delegation showed us how to make cake. The third activity was the Pinata. It was also part of the Denmark thingy. As it was night. It was denmark and Finland’s national nigh. Denmark played a video and finland did a short presentation of Moomin, its a book.

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Camp Diary: 13 July 2010

Camp Diary: 13 July
Delegation of the day: Brazil

Wake up time ! at 7.30 everybody with brazilian cool music. Very quick breakfast, without questions. Excurcion time! 2 hours of bus drive First we went to the “Power Plant Earth Museum” with lot of cool and interactive atrattions. And then a surprise! A cool lunch with sandwiches close to the near point (the bridge that devides America from Europe) And then the final stop at “The Blue Lagoon”, with the hot water and the white mud. Very cool excurcion! Had the icelandic national night !

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Camp Diary: 12 July 2010

Camp Diary: 12 July
Delegation of the day: Jc’s

Today it was a weird day: a backwards day!! We woke everybody up saying “Good night” and after that we went to lullabies. After that, we ate dinner and went to shower. The fourth activity was everyone’s wish: CAPTURE THE FLAG. It was very fun. Then we had delegation time, lunch and free time. Activity 3 was another fun game called hospital and we ended the first Monito and started another one. During activity 2, we played blinking game and the card game. After those activities, we finally had Siesta, followed by Jc shop and free time. At night (not dark) we had the presentations of the Jc’s and of the countries of Estonia, Colombia and Lithuania.  Then we had breakfast and the expected cleaning time. After the flag time, everybody went to bed and was said “Good morning”

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Camp Diary: 11 July 2010

Camp Diary: 11 July
Delegation of the day: Staff

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Camp Diary: 9 July 2010

Camp Diary: 9 July
Delegation of the day: Staff

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Camp Diary: 8 July 2010

Camp Diary: 8 July
Delegation of the day: Norway

National night of the day was Gerindo (Germany and Indonesia)

This was a special and interesting day because the leaders, JCs and Staff decided to pick on a fellow leader until lunch in plain sight (to make the kid aware of the ongoing bulling between them) We started the day by waking the camp by singing farytale. We started picking on the chosen leader, Minna during flag time. The Kids immediately reacted by asking what was going on. During breakfast the bullying continued. A couple of kids were really upset. The first activity was going to the pool. The second and third activity was a camp meeting in which we talked about respect and bullying and the leaders revealed that heir behavior was just an act. We all signed a contract about that we must all respect each other. The kids really learned a lot and became more obvious of bullying. The National night was entertaining and a nice contrast for the serious issues we talked about earlier. Regarding respect and bullying today was a paradigm shift

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Camp Diary: 7 July 2010

Camp Diary: 7 July
Delegation of the day: Indonesia

Indonesias camp diary

When we were being the delegation of the day we played a game called “chinese master”, The goal of the game is to Find all the chinese masters of al different colors, indicated on a piece of paper.We had to guess what colors that chinese masters had and do him a favor. The other words, the Philippine delegation had their national night, First they showed a short presentation of the philippines, then their first dance, it was a fire danse with candeles on their heads, after that they danced their second dance, they did it with bamboo slide and that was really amazing Wee had so much fun and cant wait to have our national night tomorrow.

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Camp Diary: 6 July 2010

Camp Diary: 6 July
Delegation of the day: Iceland

We had the icelandic flag and woke everyone up screaming and playing Lady Gaga really loud. For breakfast we asked all the others questions about iceland and our delegation. For lunch we had made a bingo with icelandic stones. At dinner time they chose them selfs were they wanted to sit. In lullabies we sang “heal the world”, “Leaving on a jet plane” and “Let it be”.

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A little video the staff made for open day :)

hope you enjoy it 😛

love from everyone here.

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